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Princesse® Founder and President. Since 2005, she has been present in the world in aesthetics, helping women and men fulfil their dreams of looking perfect.

She has graduated from professional ICF coaching studies, Business Management studies at Kozminski University and completed countless courses in aesthetics and business.

She has been passionate about beauty care and a healthy lifestyle since childhood. In 2005, she made her dream come true by opening a cosmetic medicine clinic.

She tests each procedure introduced to the offer to check its effectiveness. Her priority is safety of procedures performed at Princesse®. She carefully selects her staff members and cares for their continuous development.

She strives to meet even the highest expectations of her Patients and to turn a visit to the exclusive Princesse® Clinic into a memorable experience.

She conducts training and coaching sessions for managers and executives in the beauty industry and helps women in business development.

In her personal life, she’s a mother, an enthusiast of cats, good literature and travelling. She has visited over 40 countries, in each of them she met women who, regardless of their nationality, have one thing in common – a desire to be beautiful. She has decided to make their dreams come true, and this mission laid the basis for Princesse®.



At Princesse® we follow two aesthetic trends.

The first one aims at those who value natural results and want to take care of their skin in such a way that no one notices that they use aesthetic medicine procedures.

The second, so-called “Russian”, trend is focused on visible, spectacular effects and big changes. We assume that big lips do not have to look cartoonish if they are made with a correct technique, and tight skin does not have to produce a mask effect. We are the only specialist facility in Poland that performs one-day extreme makeovers. We have taken this way of working from Russian clinics, where our physicians and experts have undergone numerous trainings.


We put the safety of our Patients first. Our physicians specialise in complication treatment.

We have all necessary medical devices used not only in aesthetic medicine, but also in case of emergency, which is especially important for high-risk procedures, such as hyaluronidase-based treatment for complications after incompetent administration of hyaluronic acid.

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Opening hours:

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Sat-Sun: closed


Our clinic

is disabled-friendly.

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