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Transsexualism consists in a discrepancy between a morphological structure of the body and metric sex determination versus gender identity. It means that a person feels deeply dissatisfied with physical characteristics of their body, which are incompatible with gender perceived by them psychologically and a sense of belonging to a specific gender. It can lead to numerous consequences, since a transsexual person wishes to live and perform a role that is identical to their gender identity. This involves social acceptance, which is not always an easy process. The causes of this phenomenon are so far unknown, but the role of genetic, neurodevelopmental, endocrinological and environmental factors are considered.

The diagnosis of transsexualism, as in the case of other disorders, should begin with a thorough and reliable interview with the Patient.

The most important aspect in the process of sex reassignment is hormonal treatment. Hormonal treatment aims to cause development of secondary sexual characteristics of the desired sex and weakening the expression of secondary characteristics of the birth sex.

The next step is usually plastic surgery to alter primary sexual characteristics.

Unfortunately, these steps do not always result in a satisfactory change of facial features. Aesthetic medicine can help. At Princesse, we have successfully used volumetry and other techniques to feminise facial features of trans women and masculinise trans men.

During the first visit, we establish a detailed plan of procedures and during subsequent visits we implement it step by step.

When making an appointment, please give us your details from your current documents, but you can also tell us how you would like to be addressed beforehand, so that your visit is as comfortable as possible.



Our clinic was established in 2005, thanks to which we have gained vast experience. We have performed over 30,000 procedures. We are also one of the leading training facilities for physicians and cosmetologists in Poland.


At Princesse®, we use only the highest quality preparations obtained directly from manufacturers. Avoiding wholesalers, we fully reduce the risk of purchasing inauthentic or substandard products.


We have all medical devices that are needed in case of sudden complications and we employ physicians with experience not only in treating aesthetic medicine complications but also in emergency procedures.


Princesse® is a modern aesthetic medicine clinic and training centre. It was established in 2005. Thanks to extensive experience and over 30,000 procedures performed to date, we have been able to select only the best procedures and equipment.
Princesse® employs highly specialised medical and cosmetology staff, who continue to improve their skills by participating in seminars and conferences devoted to the fields they practice, both in Poland and worldwide.
At Princesse®, we focus on naturalness and perfection as well as spectacular effects presented by models and celebrities. We believe that aesthetic medicine procedures are meant not to be a disguise, but to emphasise and highlight the strengths that each of us has.




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