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Eyebrow lamination is a procedure thanks to which the hairs of the eyebrows can be arranged in a desired manner. The procedure is especially recommended to those with thick, bushy eyebrows, which may seem a bit unruly. Lamination can also be applied to individuals with somewhat sparser eyebrows; then the change in shape and direction of the hair can optically thicken the eyebrows.
This is comprehensive eyebrow care and styling.
The eyebrows are an important part of the image and are the perfect frame for the eyes. The shape of the eyebrows determines the expression of the face and how the eye is displayed. In the past, styling eyebrows was simply a matter of waxing and using an eyebrow pencil. Nowadays, however, procedures that give the eyebrows a proper shape, strengthen hair and provide them with extra elasticity, density and shine are becoming increasingly popular. Such possibilities are provided by the eyebrow lamination procedure.


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Eyebrow lamination nourishes the eyebrows and shapes them. As a result, the eyebrows gain an impeccable look. The effects are very natural, as the procedure does not change the colour of the eyebrows. Laminating enables strengthening and thickening of delicate, thin eyebrow hairs. Satisfactory effects of the procedure will also be experienced by those with thicker, bushy and stiff eyebrows. They become more susceptible to modelling, they can be combed freely and retain a desired shape, while hairs are softer and more flexible. Thanks to lamination the effect of eyebrow henna lasts longer if it is performed.
The effects of the eyebrow lamination procedure last for about 30-45 days. How long the effects last is strongly influenced by the rate of hair loss and regrowth of new hair.


Immediately after the eyebrows lamination procedure, eyebrows proper care must be applied. The most important post-treatment recommendation concerns refraining from using any preparations on eyebrows, including make-up remover and water, for 24 hours. On the first day after the procedure, the Customer must refrain from touching the eyebrows, all activities which may lead to their deformation must be avoided. Doing eyebrow make-up or using a swimming pool or sauna should be also avoided for 24 hours.
Proper eyebrow care is recommended after the lapse of 24 hour after the procedure, i.e. application of nourishing oils to the hairs. Castor oil and black cumin oil bring good effects. They can be applied to the eyebrows overnight and washed off in the morning during the face wash. Eyebrow brush should be used every day to keep the shape of the eyebrows in place.


Duration of the eyebrow lamination effect is about one month to one and a half. The lamination procedure should be repeated when the effect is no longer visible, i.e. the eyebrows lose the shape given to them during the procedure. If eyebrow hairs start to be “unruly”, they stick out, it is a perfect moment to repeat the eyebrow lamination procedure. The time between procedures may vary from person to person. Much depends on the type of hairs, whether they are thicker or thinner and their susceptibility to lamination. In people with a higher rate of hair loss, lamination may have to be performed more frequently. This is due to the fact that regrowing hair will stand out against the hair disciplined during the lamination procedure.


Eyebrow lamination consists of several stages, including appropriate preparation of eyebrows for lamination, application of an activator and then keratin, and finally application of conditioning substances. This procedure allows for hair shaping.
The first stage of the procedure is appropriate preparation of the eyebrows, i.e. their degreasing and removal of impurities. Special products are used for this purpose. In the next stage, an activator, thioglycolic acid, is applied on the eyebrows; it opens the hair cuticle. As a result, the hair becomes more “flexible”, i.e. susceptible to shaping. This is achieved by breaking the chemical bonds in the hair. The activator is applied to the eyebrows with a special brush and then the eyebrows are protected with a transparent foil, at which time the activator starts to work.
In the next stage of the lamination procedure, nutrients are applied to the brows to moisturise, nourish and strengthen the eyebrow hairs. They include silk, jojoba oil, vitamins A and E, soya and wheat proteins. Thanks to the use of an activator, the nutritional compounds penetrate deep into the hair. The effect of this stage of eyebrow lamination is strengthening of the eyebrows, their thickening, restoration of their elasticity and shine.
The last stage of the eyebrow laminating procedure is the application of keratin. Eyebrow keratin therapy makes the nourishing effect last longer. In addition, keratin helps to rebuild the structure of the hair and fix it in the desired position.
The entire eyebrow lamination procedure takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. It is performed by a cosmetologist. Although kits for home eyebrow lamination are available, this solution has several disadvantages. First of all, incompetently performed home lamination can lead to hair destruction, as well as skin irritation. In addition, independent performance of eyebrow lamination causes the risk of an unsatisfactory aesthetic effect. Eyebrow architecture is a true art!



Our clinic was established in 2005, which has allowed us to gain extensive experience. We have already performed over 35,000 treatments. Our metamorphoses are known as the most spectacular in Poland. We can easily create very natural or extremely expressive effects for you.


At Princesse® we use only the highest quality preparations coming directly from the manufacturers. The high quality of services is confirmed by over 800 customer opinions collected on Booksy and Facebook, the average of which is 5/5.


In our treatments, we focus on strict adherence to procedures - regardless of which of our locations you choose, you will encounter the same advanced treatment techniques, which is due to our central training center for employees and very high staff requirements.


Princesse® is a modern aesthetic medicine clinic and training centre. It was established in 2005. Thanks to extensive experience and over 35,000 procedures performed to date, we have been able to select only the best procedures and equipment.
Princesse® employs highly specialised medical and cosmetology staff, who continue to improve their skills by participating in seminars and conferences devoted to the fields they practice, both in Poland and worldwide.
At Princesse®, we focus on naturalness and perfection as well as spectacular effects presented by models and celebrities. We believe that aesthetic medicine procedures are meant not to be a disguise, but to emphasise and highlight the strengths that each of us has.





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