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Sapphire 40 fraxel laser is a CO2 laser, which applies ablative treatment. It is fraxel laser, causing formation of controlled skin micro-damage, which is formed at a specific depth. This stimulates skin rejuvenation processes and rebuilding its structure by increasing synthesis of collagen fibres. The laser is used for treating scars, stretch marks, remove wrinkles and skin flabbiness and hyperpigmentation.

It comprehensively improves skin appearance thanks to activation of the processes of rebuilding its architecture. Stimulation of collagen fibre synthesis and intensification of regenerative processes is accompanied by smoothing of the skin surface, reduction of wrinkles and flabbiness, skin thickening and firming. The Sapphire 40 laser procedures remove enlarged pores, loss of colour and radiance, as well as such signs of skin photoaging as hyperpigmentation or loss of skin vitality. With the fraxel laser, we can effectively remove stretch marks as well as all types of scars.




Facial resurfacing is a laser procedure that restores normal structure of the skin. The procedure is intended for those who notice such signs of skin aging as flabbiness and loss of elasticity, wrinkles, irregular skin structure. Skin resurfacing may also be used in case of young people without the signs of aging, but suffering from such disorders in the structure of the skin as acne scars or loss of uniform colour and brightness of the skin and enlarged pores. Thanks its effect on the skin, the laser stimulates regenerative processes, which results in increased collagen synthesis. The more collagen fibres, the smoother and stronger the skin becomes. The processes of skin resurfacing are accompanied by recovery of impeccable, youthful appearance of the skin, and the obtained effect is very natural. This means that the procedure does not change facial features or affect facial expressions in any way. It should be performed in a series of about 4 procedures, repeated every month. The first effects of the procedures are noticeable immediately, and the final effect, which is a result of advanced skin structure reconstruction, can be evaluated after several weeks after completing the series of procedures.
The procedure takes several minutes. Immediately after the procedure, the skin may be red and swollen, the healing process lasts from two to 14 days, depending on the power used. During this time, skin exfoliates and heals. Skin care after the procedure consists in avoiding exposure to the sun and the use of lubricating products.



Scars are skin lesions that can affect any person. They are caused by numerous factors: from acne lesions and other skin inflammations, through trauma and surgery, to burns. What all scars have in common – regardless of the factors that have led to their formation – is a disorder of the skin structure generated by an abnormal process of healing. Disruption of skin structure is often accompanied by an abnormal scar colour. Scar removal comes down to reconstruction of abnormal skin tissue. Sapphire 40 fraxel laser allows for extremely effective stimulation of skin resurfacing processes. Skin reconstruction is possible due to stimulation of regenerative processes and activity of fibroblasts, which leads to into synthesis of new collagen fibres. And this guarantees reduction in the visibility of every scar. Fraxel laser generates micro-damage to the skin, which is surrounded by intact tissue. A laser beam creates a thermal effect, generating micro-damage surrounded by healthy, intact skin. The ablative laser damages both superficial and deeper layers of the skin, leading to an increase in collagen synthesis, stimulation of regenerative processes, and peeling off the top skin layers. To achieve optimal aesthetic effect, a series of procedures must be performed – from three to even 20-30 if scar is really complicated – repeated at monthly intervals. The procedure reduces visibility of acne scars, surgical scars, scars after caesarean section or burns.



The fight against stretch marks is best started at the earliest possible stage. Fresh stretch marks have a characteristic appearance – they are red and thickened, protruding above the surface of the skin. At this stage, there is topical inflammation in the dermis and stretch marks procedures bring spectacular results. At a later stage, stretch marks fade, become slightly thinner and resemble atrophic scars. Then, despite apparent improvement in the skin appearance, stretch marks are much more difficult to remove. And then only more invasive stretch mark removal methods – with fraxel laser – will be effective.
The use of the Sapphire 40 fraxel laser to remove stretch marks usually requires several procedures. This is necessary to stimulate advanced remodelling of the skin, its rejuvenation and smoothing of the skin surface and restoration of uniform colour. A laser head, which emits microbeams of light, is held towards the skin areas affected by stretch marks. Beams cause microscopic damage, which stimulates collagen fibre synthesis and skin structure renewal. Thanks to several-minute procedure, we get the effect of multi-week stimulation of fibroblasts, i.e. collagen synthesizing cells and a comprehensive use of the biological potential of the skin. Full treatment consists of about 3-6 laser procedures for stretch marks performed every 4 weeks. The effect is not only smoothing of the skin surface and reducing visibility of stretch marks, but also strengthening skin structure and its firming.



Skin photo-rejuvenation is a procedure that reduces numerous signs of skin aging by using a laser. We are talking about all those skin lesions which accumulate with age and are a result of physiological decline in collagen synthesis and loss of protective lipid layer as well as the impact of solar radiation and other harmful environmental factors. The procedure strengthens the structure of the skin, reduces its flabbiness and thinning. By activating synthesis of collagen fibres, it eliminates relaxation of the skin structure resulting from a physiological decrease in the amount of collagen fibres in the skin. Another desirable effect of a laser procedure is reduction of skin hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, enlarged pores. The procedure can be performed on the face, but also on the skin of the neck and cleavage, hands or any other part of the body. The procedure is performed under anaesthesia. After the procedure the skin is red and slightly swollen, the healing process usually takes several days. For the following four weeks after you should remember to avoid exposure to the sun, because it may result in hyperpigmentation. We recommend performing a series of several procedures at intervals of 4-6 weeks.


Fraxel laser is a device that has revolutionized cosmetic medicine. The method of operation is very simple – a laser beam leads to a controlled, spot damage to the skin. The laser affects the skin, causing a photothermal effect. The laser light is absorbed by water accumulated in cells and heats it up, which leads to rapid heating of this water and its evaporation. This is accompanied by formation of micro-damage to the skin at a certain depth. Since the laser does not affect the entire surface of the skin, and the damage is topical and surrounded by undamaged tissue – it is possible to stimulate intensive skin renewal processes. Repair processes include primarily stimulation of collagen and elastin fibre synthesis, which translates into strengthening the skin structure, its firming and smoothing as well as reducing skin lesions, such as hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and scars.
During one procedure micro-damages are formed on about 10-20% of the skin surface treated with laser. It means that to obtain spectacular results, a series of 3-4 procedures must be performed. Intervals between the procedures are about 4-6 weeks, because the skin structure needs to remodel during this time. The effects are spectacular, because the laser very effectively initiates the processes of skin remodelling. The use of fraxel laser in young people helps to get rid of such skin defects as enlarged pores or acne scars. Moreover, resurfacing can be performed as part of anti-aging prevention. While in mature people, a fraxel laser procedure allows for noticeable skin rejuvenation and improvement of its quality – reducing wrinkles, flabbiness, signs of skin photoaging.
Fraxel laser can be used on the skin of the face, neck, cleavage, hands. The procedure may also be performed on any area of the body, affected by the appearance of, for example, stretch marks or scars as well as flabby skin.


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During the consultation, we discuss the expected effect and chose the best method for the Patient. Before the procedure, an anaesthetic ointment is applied to significantly reduce pain sensations.


After using fraxel laser, the skin is smoother, wrinkles and scars become shallower, and hyperpigmentation is reduced.


The procedure does not require much preparation.

Do not consume alcohol, caffeine or drugs 24 hours before the procedure.

Do not sunbathe for a week before the procedure.


After a fraxel laser procedure, the skin is reddened and discomfort or swelling may occur. In case of scar and stretch mark removal, there may be some bloody swelling followed by scabbing. Controlled inflammation results in the process of regeneration and restoration of healthy skin.


There are not many contraindications to fraxel laser procedures but they must be taken into consideration. Below you will find the most important of them.


In case of advanced diabetes healing is impaired. However, when treated and controlled, diabetes is not a problem. If you have diabetes, please ask your attending physician for a written consent for the cosmetic medicine procedure and present it to us on the day of the procedure.

Active cancer.

Cancer that occurred less than 5 years prior to the procedure.

Chemo- and radiotherapy


Steroids, except asthma medications and inhaled steroids, taken less than one month prior to the scheduled procedure.


Tendency to keloids.



Pregnancy and breastfeeding. We do not perform procedures in pregnant ladies or nursing mothers, even with the physician’s consent. When it comes to children, one can’t be too careful!

Asymptomatic HIV infection or active AIDS.

Skin diseases in the planned treatment site.

Fever, viral or bacterial infection on the day of the procedure.



Our clinic was established in 2005, which has allowed us to gain extensive experience. We have already performed over 35,000 treatments. Our metamorphoses are known as the most spectacular in Poland. We can easily create very natural or extremely expressive effects for you.


At Princesse® we use only the highest quality preparations coming directly from the manufacturers. The high quality of services is confirmed by over 800 customer opinions collected on Booksy and Facebook, the average of which is 5/5.


In our treatments, we focus on strict adherence to procedures - regardless of which of our locations you choose, you will encounter the same advanced treatment techniques, which is due to our central training center for employees and very high staff requirements.


Princesse® is a modern aesthetic medicine clinic and training centre. It was established in 2005. Thanks to extensive experience and over 35,000 procedures performed to date, we have been able to select only the best procedures and equipment.
Princesse® employs highly specialised medical and cosmetology staff, who continue to improve their skills by participating in seminars and conferences devoted to the fields they practice, both in Poland and worldwide.
At Princesse®, we focus on naturalness and perfection as well as spectacular effects presented by models and celebrities. We believe that aesthetic medicine procedures are meant not to be a disguise, but to emphasise and highlight the strengths that each of us has.





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