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Kobido massage is a Japanese face and neck lifting massage. Due to its high effectiveness, the massage can be an alternative to some rejuvenating procedures. Performing a lifting massage causes loosening of excessively tense muscles, which not only brings relaxation, but also affects deeper layers of skin, muscles, nerves and blood circulation. This helps to improve the condition of the skin, making it more flexible and stronger.
Kobido massage uses manual techniques with varying degrees of intensity. The massage consists in quick, firm movements. Such non-invasive and completely safe procedure comprehensively influences both superficial and deeper layers of skin, as well as subcutaneous tissue. The massage consists of several stages, each of which complements and continues the previous one. The procedure begins with a soothing massage that relaxes tense muscles, reducing appearance of fine mimic wrinkles. During this stage of the massage consists of gentle, stroking movements. The next stage of Kobido massage is more intensive and it aims at loosening the deeper layers of skin. This is possible thanks to stronger and quicker movements. Blood circulation is stimulated and the tissues are better nourished and oxygenated. The final stage of the massage is acupressure procedure, i.e. pressure on selected points on the face.


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Kobido massage is an effective lifting and rejuvenating massage. Thanks to facial muscles relaxation, it softens facial features, reduces excessive muscle tension and smooths out small mimic wrinkles. The procedure reduces appearance of fine mimic wrinkles on the forehead, around the mouth or eyes. Thanks to stimulation of blood circulation, skin cells are better oxygenated and nourished, which results in skin brightening, restoration of its colour and radiance. In turn, activation of lymphatic circulation helps to get rid of facial swelling and puffiness under the eyes. Tissue compression stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis processes, which results in skin elasticity and a lifting effect. In order to achieve spectacular results, Kobido massage should be performed regularly, possibly a few procedures repeated every week. The procedures can be repeated every month.


Kobido massage can be performed in anyone who wants to improve the appearance of facial skin. The procedure is effective in case of greyish, dull and loose skin. If you want to restore a healthy skin tone and glow, a few Kobido procedures will help to stimulate blood circulation, oxygenate the skin and brighten it. By increasing blood and lymph circulation, it stimulates cell metabolism, which improves skin renewal processes. Kobido massage can be performed in those who want to support skin regeneration and purification, it helps to remove toxins accumulated in the skin, improves the processes of exfoliation of dead skin cells. It also helps to remove facial swelling.
Those who want to comprehensively rejuvenate the entire face, but do not want to undergo invasive procedures of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology can opt for a series of Kobido massages. The procedure is especially recommended to individuals whose skin is becoming increasingly flabby and whose face is losing a desired oval. In such a case, the massages produces a comprehensive lifting effect of the face and neck. Apart from lifting effect, Kobido massage smooths fine mimic wrinkles. That is why people with first wrinkles on forehead, under eyes or on the neck can decide to undergo this procedure. It is also a perfect solution for those exposed to stress and experiencing excessive tension of face and neck muscles or tension headaches. The procedure is a relaxing massage, so anyone experiencing severe nervous tension and stress can opt for a Kobido session. Very often, chronic exposure to stress manifests itself in excessive tension in the muscles of the neck and face, which can lead to head and neck pain. Massage helps you to relax, eliminate stress and unwind.


A relaxing face and neck massage procedure can be performed whenever stress and the need to relax arises. Regular massage will help the muscles to relax, thus reducing headaches and neck pain. Since most of us nowadays experience stress and muscle tension, it is good to consider Kobido massages as a routine ritual to help fight stress. Regular massage is also recommended if the procedure is used for rejuvenation purposes. In such a case, repeating the procedure increases its effectiveness, which translates into stimulation of cell metabolism, activation of collagen fibre synthesis and better oxygenation of the skin.

The following therapy regimen is recommended: initially at least 5-7 procedures should be performed with a frequency of one procedure per week. Then, a procedure may be repeated once every few weeks. In order to maintain the effect of facial lifting and rejuvenation, it is a good idea to repeat a series of several procedures once every few months. Thanks to maintaining such regularity of procedures, the skin remains in great condition and the oval of the face is perfectly maintained. Of course, if necessary, a longer series of procedures can be performed or they can be repeated on an ad hoc basis, e.g. when excessive muscle tension, frequent headaches or neck pain occur.


Kobido lifting massage is a traditional Japanese facial massage. It is one of the elements of ANMA, or traditional Japanese massage therapy. ANMA comes from two words which perfectly capture the essence of the massage. The first is the word “an”, which means pressure, and the second is “ma”, which means rubbing. Such massages, based on rubbing and pressing, were used as long as 7000 years ago in China, and appeared in Japan around the 5th century AD. This massage technique was particularly popular with the Samurai, who used it to improve their physical and mental well-being. Like other massage techniques originating in the East, traditional Japanese massage focused on unblocking and improving the flow of energy to help restore balance to the body.

In 1472, the Empress of Japan was looking for effective ways to maintain her youth and beautiful appearance. Kobido massage techniques were adapted and began to be used as a rejuvenating massage. The 48 Kobido techniques that are still used today were developed by two massage masters who together created the most popular facial massage technique, which quickly gained in popularity. Over the next few hundred years, successive massage masters explored the techniques of Kobido. Immediately after the Second World War, one of the masters, Ito, opened an elite school where he passed on his knowledge to only three students. One of them, Mochizuki, emigrated to the United States and thanks to that the Kobido technique became known all over the world. It happened in 1990. In 2006, shortly before the departure of Master Ito, Dr. Shogo Mochizuki was appointed master of the Kobido lineage and lineage of the 26th generation.



Our clinic was established in 2005, which has allowed us to gain extensive experience. We have already performed over 35,000 treatments. Our metamorphoses are known as the most spectacular in Poland. We can easily create very natural or extremely expressive effects for you.


At Princesse® we use only the highest quality preparations coming directly from the manufacturers. The high quality of services is confirmed by over 800 customer opinions collected on Booksy and Facebook, the average of which is 5/5.


In our treatments, we focus on strict adherence to procedures - regardless of which of our locations you choose, you will encounter the same advanced treatment techniques, which is due to our central training center for employees and very high staff requirements.


Princesse® is a modern aesthetic medicine clinic and training centre. It was established in 2005. Thanks to extensive experience and over 35,000 procedures performed to date, we have been able to select only the best procedures and equipment.
Princesse® employs highly specialised medical and cosmetology staff, who continue to improve their skills by participating in seminars and conferences devoted to the fields they practice, both in Poland and worldwide.
At Princesse®, we focus on naturalness and perfection as well as spectacular effects presented by models and celebrities. We believe that aesthetic medicine procedures are meant not to be a disguise, but to emphasise and highlight the strengths that each of us has.





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