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Arthrex® platelet rich plasma and platelet rich fibrin are innovative treatments, which comprehensively rejuvenates, revitalises and supports regeneration. Plasma and fibrin, which are used to inject selected body parts, are obtained from a blood sample taken from the Patient. This means full biocompatibility of the preparation, no risk of allergic reactions and at the same time a very effective action. A blood sample of approximately 15 ml is collected at the beginning of the procedure, after which it is centrifuged to separate the growth factors. A concentrate of active compounds obtained in this way is transferred into a syringe and introduced deep into the skin on selected areas of the body. Both the skin puncture process itself and the injected concentrate activate fibroblasts and skin stem cells. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and is accompanied by negligible soreness, and the recommended number of procedures is 3 to 6, repeated every 2-4 weeks.




Platelet rich plasma – as the name suggests – is a concentrate of platelets that release growth factors. These active compounds are responsible for, among other things, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis processes, activating neoangiogenesis, i.e. formation of new blood vessels, and inhibiting skin degradation processes.
Arthrex® platelet rich plasma is used in a wide variety of applications in aesthetic medicine. Above all, platelet rich plasma is used for facial rejuvenation. Facial skin injections improve its appearance – unifying its colour, restoring radiance, shallowing wrinkles. Similar results can be obtained by performing Arthrex platelet rich plasma injections on the skin of the neck and cleavage as well as the hands. Various scars can be treated with platelet rich plasma – the procedures speed up their healing and reduces visibility of such skin defects. Another body area where platelet rich plasma can be applied is the scalp. The procedures support treating alopecia of various causes, limiting excessive hair loss. It is a very effective method of activating hair follicles and revitalising the scalp, which translates into hair strengthening, improving its condition and stimulating the growth rate.
Platelet rich plasma is used to revitalise the labia majora and the vagina. As a result, the intimate parts are rejuvenated and moisturised, and the regeneration processes are more effective.
Platelet rich plasma is also excellent in treating erectile dysfunction.



Platelet rich fibrin is considered to be one of the most effective preparations used in aesthetic medicine procedures. It is an autologous blood material, which means that it is obtained from the Patient’s blood. Fibrin contains everything that platelet rich plasma does, i.e. a high concentration of platelets as well as growth factors. This preparation is further enriched with fibrin fibres, which form a complex, three-dimensional network. This translates into a slower and longer release of active ingredients and a slight volumetric effect. Gradual impact of fibrin allows for a longer stimulation of skin stem cells and fibroblasts for advanced skin renewal and rejuvenation processes.

Stimulation of skin self-regeneration processes enables versatile application of platelet rich fibrin. The procedure revitalises and rejuvenates the face skin, and in the extended version also the neck or the neck and cleavage. Fibrin is used in tinjecting tear through fillers, which rejuvenates the eye area and reduces visibility of bruises under the eyes. Platelet rich fibre also allows for a comprehensive improvement in the appearance of the hands. Other applications of this rejuvenating concentrate include reduction and lightening of acne scars, post-burn and post-treatment scarring as well as stretch marks. Injection of fibrin into the labia revitalises the intimate parts, improves vaginal wall tension and hydrates it.


There are many procedures available on the aesthetic medicine market, using platelet rich plasma and fibrin. The Arthrex® system has revolutionised the process of obtaining plasma and fibrin from the Patient’s blood. The innovation of this solution results primarily from the possibility of obtaining plasma with a much higher concentration of platelets. The blood sample is centrifuged more slowly than in other centrifuges, so that the platelets are not activated while the blood is being centrifuged and do not release growth factors in the tube, but only at the target site. Compared to other systems, Arthrex® allows for obtaining a concentrate with up to three times the concentration of platelets. This directly translates into a high treatment efficiency. Another innovative solution is a possibility to control the parameters of the device, so we can strictly control the content of platelets and other cellular elements. This means that the therapy can be individualised.
The next advantage of the Arthrex® system is that no anticoagulants or activators are used – only a blood sample is centrifuged. This excludes the risk of allergies. The unique system of two syringes in a closed system allows very fast centrifugation and subsequent preparation and application of platelet rich plasma. Thanks to that this stage of plasma preparation is completely safe. Efficient and very fast procedure means shorter duration of the whole procedure, which is a great convenience for the Patient.
The system is fully automated and very easy to use, which excludes any errors. Effectiveness of the Arthrex® system is confirmed by FDA approved clinical trials. This guarantees efficient extraction of plasma and fibrin as well as a high degree of safety. The Arthrex® system is a perfect combination of the highest quality of treatment and the possibility of minimizing the risk of complications.


I highly recommend!



During the consultation, we discuss the expected effect and chose the best method and blood product for the Patient. Before the procedure an anaesthetic ointment is applied which significantly reduces pain and the Patient’s blood is collected and processed in a special centrifuge. During this process, platelet rich plasma or fibrin is precipitated from the blood. Such prepared product is placed in a syringe. During the procedure, a physician makes a series of punctures resembling mesotherapy or introduces the preparation with a cannula into deeper parts of tissues.


A combination of active compounds encourages repair processes and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, allowing the skin of the face, hands, neck and cleavage to rejuvenate. The procedure smooths out wrinkles and make the skin more elastic, reduces discolouration and unifies skin tone. Platelet rich plasma and fibrin also help to reduce visibility of scars and stretch marks. Another application of the treatment is to support treating alopecia – injecting the scalp with plasma or fibrin results in inhibition of excessive hair loss and stimulation of hair growth. The use of platelet rich plasma in revitalisation of the labia majora strengthens the skin structure, improves blood supply to the intimate parts and rejuvenates them optically. The first effects are visible already during the series of procedures and these effects persist for many months.


The procedure does not require much preparation.

Do not consume alcohol, caffeine or drugs 24 hours before the procedure.

One week before the procedure, do not take common painkillers, as they thin the blood and may cause more bruising after insertions. Garlic and onion have a similar effect.

If you take NSAIDs, talk to your GP and ask if you can discontinue them two weeks before your procedure. If your GP refuses, don’t discontinue your medication on your own! The procedure can still be performed, but you must expect more bruising.

Two weeks before the procedure, you can start taking vitamin C, which will strengthen capillary walls and thus reduce formation of bruises.


Recovery from the administration of blood products is usually very gentle as they are derived from the Patient’s natural tissue. Reddening and small bruises may occur at the injection sites. If the product is administered under the eyes, swelling may occur and last for a few days.


There are not many contraindications to blood product treatment but they must be taken into consideration. Below you will find the most important of them.

Asymptomatic carrier of hepatitis B or hepatitis C.

Viral hepatitis often affects autoimmune reactions. It mainly depends on the stage of the disease as well as its activity. Only your attending physician may decide whether you are eligible for a aesthetic medicine procedure. Ask them for a written consent for the procedure. Only then, we can perform the procedure.


In case of advanced diabetes wound healing is impaired. However, when treated and controlled, diabetes is not a problem. If you have diabetes, please ask your attending physician for a written consent for the aesthetic medicine procedure and present it to us on the day of the procedure.

Active cancer.

Cancer that occurred less than 5 years prior to the procedure.

Chemo- and radiotherapy

Autoimmune diseases apart from thyroid disease, acquired vitiligo, and alopecia areata. For example, these diseases include psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, sarcoidosis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis.

Treatment with Izotec or its substitutes less than 6 months prior the procedure date.

Steroids, except asthma medications and inhaled steroids, taken less than one month prior to the scheduled procedure.

Fungal medications or antibiotics taken less than one week prior to the procedure.

Tendency to keloids.



Pregnancy and breastfeeding. We do not perform procedures in pregnant ladies or nursing mothers, even with the physician’s consent. When it comes to children, one can’t be too careful!

Asymptomatic HIV infection or active AIDS.

Skin diseases in the planned treatment site.

Fever, viral or bacterial infection on the day of the procedure.



Our clinic was established in 2005, which has allowed us to gain extensive experience. We have already performed over 35,000 treatments. Our metamorphoses are known as the most spectacular in Poland. We can easily create very natural or extremely expressive effects for you.


At Princesse® we use only the highest quality preparations coming directly from the manufacturers. The high quality of services is confirmed by over 800 customer opinions collected on Booksy and Facebook, the average of which is 5/5.


In our treatments, we focus on strict adherence to procedures - regardless of which of our locations you choose, you will encounter the same advanced treatment techniques, which is due to our central training center for employees and very high staff requirements.


Princesse® is a modern aesthetic medicine clinic and training centre. It was established in 2005. Thanks to extensive experience and over 35,000 procedures performed to date, we have been able to select only the best procedures and equipment.
Princesse® employs highly specialised medical and cosmetology staff, who continue to improve their skills by participating in seminars and conferences devoted to the fields they practice, both in Poland and worldwide.
At Princesse®, we focus on naturalness and perfection as well as spectacular effects presented by models and celebrities. We believe that aesthetic medicine procedures are meant not to be a disguise, but to emphasise and highlight the strengths that each of us has.





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